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ChamoFix Massage - New Beginnings 2016

A quick and long overdue website update to say that Ruth Martin is back doing massage treatments in Chamonix Mont Blanc, Scotland and beyond!
Ruth Martin’s massages are available 1500-2000 in the afternoons/evenings and 0700-0830 in the mornings.
For bookings, please call Ruth on her new phone number 0033.783.72.63.76. Or email

Apologies for any absence in contact… Life events became someone tumultuous and challenging through the winter 2014/15 but happily Ruth Martin is now a mamma to one healthy gorgeous little girl.

Summer 2015 had me busy massaging various Ultra Trail Mont Blanc runners and long distance road cyclists, massaging at the Chamonix Running Camps brilliantly led by Julia Tregaski of Tracks and Trails. I’m delighted to have been invited to teach about “touch” and “fascia” at Mariza Smith’s yoga teacher training course. Mariza will be offering yoga teacher training next summer too. Even if you don’t want to become a teacher, the month long course is intensive, transformative and amazingly rewarding. I have often referred clients to Mariza Smith for yoga instruction as I love the way she works, combining her vast experience of yogic practice with her strong knowledge and comprehension of anatomical science. So it’s an honour to be asked to collaborate in some of her teaching, especially when it comes to sharing my passion for the new way of looking at anatomy and physiology, not least in helping others be aware of how fascia (connective tissue) is a key player, rather than a bystander, in the mammalian body.

In September 2015 I also gained my EquiTherapy UK Diploma in Equine Sports and Remedial Massage, after a couple of years of studying equine physiology and massaging horses, ponies and also dogs! My experience in treating horses helps my work with the human body and has helped refine my touch and awareness of tissue responses. I’m looking forward to helping more sports and working horses in 2016.

The Brazil Olympics 2016 are also calling… I’m looking forward to volunteering in Sports Massage. Final plans are forming.

I’m amazed at how the body can repair itself… having not been able to walk more than 30metres a couple of weeks after a difficult birth in February 2015, I’m now back massaging, hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding… albeit taking it a bit easier on the sports front, as you have to respect the healing process as well as allow energy for being a 24/7 mum, while keeping up with all my massage appointments! The body is AMAZING! It’s worth looking after.

Wishing all my clients and visitors a wonderful winter and a thriving 2016.

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Massage and Well Being in Winter 2013-14

ChamoFix Massage is already getting booked up over the festive season, so book your massages now. From 28th December, prices will go up a little - the first price raise of my standard rates in five years.
2013 has been a hectic year, with yet more studying in order to keep at the top of my game. I’m now an iMFT practitioner, a specialist qualification in Myofascial Release. Many of the techniques I already practiced for years within my Sports Massage work, but the specific MFR studies have been fascinating and phenomenal… and still I feel like I’m in the opening chapters of my studies of integrative anatomy and the intrinsic effects of touch through the whole body, not just the muscles or areas I specifically work on.

ChamoFix’ most exciting news is that I (Ruth Martin) have been invited to massage at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games’ gymnastics. It will be an amazing experience and a professional ambition and dream come true.Glasgow Commonwealth Games Gymnastics

In the meantime, ChamoFix Massage is working away, mostly in the Chamonix Valley this winter, and open for business in Sports Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Well Being Treatments, Myofascial Release, not to mention Indian Head Massage.

To book a ChamoFix Massage treatment in the Chamonix valley, please call or text Ruth Martin on +33.783.72.63.76 or email

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2013 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - Chamonix Massage

10e discount on massage for competitors in TDS, CCC and UTMB

For those who trained hard enough to be racing the TDS, the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) or the CCC (Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix) you deserve a reward! ChamoFix offers all competitors 10e off the standard price of a ChamoFix Sports Massage in your own chalet or residence for 25-30th August (pre-race massage), Sunday 1st September, Monday 2nd September and Tuesday 3rd September, 2013 (post race recovery massage).

Pre-race massage helps stimulate the micro-circulation, loosen up any adhesions or fascial blockage, helps muscles glide during movement and helps the runner relax any tension (mental or physical) from the natural stress before the event.

Post-race massage will massively aid recovery from the endurance race, helping to reduce tissue adhesion from micro-inflammation, stretch out any over-contracted, over-worked muscle tissues, flush out waste products from muscle exertion and generally loosen up tired limbs.

If you haven’t heard of the Ultra Trail, which starts in Chamonix Mont Blanc… it’s an insanely tough ultramarathon held annually in the French Alps, where racers run the mountains surrounding the entire circumference of Mont Blanc, covering 166km and 9400m elevation across France, Italy and Switzerland. You can walk the Tour du Mont Blanc comfortable over 8 - 10 days. The fastest of the UTMB runners do it over 1 night and 1 day, without stopping.

To book a massage with ChamoFix email ChamoFix Massage or call Ruth Martin on +33.609.86.88.38

If you are on holiday in Chamonix (and not even running) here’s this year’s program for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. It’s well worth going along to Chamonix town centre and watching the start or cheering on the finishers, not to mention all the inspiring sporty stands and craft fair.

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Mont Blanc Maintenance Massage

Mountaineering up Chamonix’ most famous summit this summer?

If you are a climber or mountaineer, you’ll be spending long days moving in the high mountains with technical traverses, rope work and some hard slogs to reach the peaks.

This all is made easier if your muscles glide smoothly  and your body feels energetic, not exhausted. A couple of massages before, during or after can benefit your body (and mind) in so many ways. Massage for mountaineering:

  • increases micro-circulation so the blood flows to areas that need it for muscle repair
  • reduces adhesions - ie where trauma or overuse has left injury on any level, fascia and muscle ends up getting stuck together from the collagenous scar tissue. This reduces your range of movement. Massage helps break up adhesions in the fascia and muscles, and helps restore normal function in the muscles, joints and connective tissue.
  • helps lengthen shortened muscle fibres - if your hamstrings are tight or your calves are screaming, there are various gentle but effective techniques for bringing a better length back to over-contracted muscle fibres, including Post Isometric Relaxation, Reciprocal Inhibition, Soft Tissue Release.
  • relaxes the body & mind - so the appropriate rest and recovery benefits can take place!

ChamoFix offers massage tailored for each individual, combining deep tissue work, effective stretching, trigger point release and invigorating strokes that loosen and restore your body, ready for more mountaineering action.

To book a massage with ChamoFix Massage, please call Ruth on +33.609.86.88.38

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Mel Cash 2011 Massage Training in Chamonix

For any massage therapist in Chamonix, the Alps & beyond … here’s another an unmissable opportunity to brush up on your winter sports massage techniques. ChamoFix Massage in
Chamonix will again host world-renowned Sports Massage Coach, Mel Cash, to front a three day pre-season winter sports massage workshop (Tue 31 Jan - thur 2 Feb 2012). Some of the latest techniques and understanding in practical massage will be discussed, demonstrated & practised.
For more info or to book a place on our 2012 Mel Cash Sports Massage Workshop in Chamonix Mont Blanc, please email . We’ll send you a booking form, payment details and further specific information (venue, accommodation, timetable, what to bring, reading list, etc)

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Preparation Exercises (& Massage) for Skiing & Snowboarding

It’s never too late and it’s undeniably beneficial to really focus at least three hours a week towards muscle conditioning and strength training so that your skiing and snowboarding becomes even more fun and without the painful side effects of screaming quadriceps, taught IT bands and aching lower back/ glutes. Throw a weekly or fortnightly massage into the mix and you’ll feel more flexible and stronger for all your winter action sports. (And will reduce your likelihood of accident or injury).

If you are booking a ski trip, then it’s totally worth starting a ski/snowboarding fitness preparation programme at least 8 weeks prior to your holiday - primarily focus on muscular strength and endurance, but keep flexible and nicely stretched. Imagine the feeling of strong legs, stable core muscles and loads of stamina so you are making the most of every moment of your investment into snowy adventures. With the added flexibility in your joints and fascia - this training will keep you a lot less prone to needless injury. Aerobic training will minimize fatigue and hence will minimize your chances of crashing. Most injuries occur in the afternoon of the first two days of a ski holiday - due to fatigue, lack of concentration, lack of strength to avoid falls. Bear this in mind and begin your “ski trip” well in advance with this blog post’s training advice (or something similar).

Massage after skiing or snowboarding is beneficial both physiologically and psychologically. Your legs and body can feel totally fresh the next day, because massage increases microcirculation of blood and lymph, helping to clear metabolic waste such as lactic acid. Massage also helps to reduce “delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS).

To book your massage in Chamonix and feel amazing again after your winter activities, email ChamoFix or call us on +33 609 868 838.

(Locals in Chamonix (with Gens de Pays cards or Seasonaire jobs) can benefit from a multipack of three massages at a great rate, so you can really plot your progress as you train and enjoy your skiing and snowboarding… not to mention telemarking.)

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