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Myofascia Release and Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascia Release and Trigger Point Therapy

I’m particularly interested in the medical science surrounding both myofascia release and trigger point therapy.

Myofascia is a 3D web of microscopic hollow tubules that extends uninterupted from top to toe, surrounding (to a cellular level) every bone, muscle, organ, blood vessel and nerve. This relatively thin, filmy tissue gives shape and support to the body’s musculature, as well as providing non-stop instant communication between all the cells in the body. The hollow myofascial tubules contain continuous fibres of elastin and collagens surrounded by a fluid called “ground substance”.

Fascial restrictions can result from traumas (accidents, injuries or surgery) or repetitive stress situations (such as poor postures & over-use). Any of these traumas can cause the fascial tissue to change consistency, often hardening, in order to support and make up for the stresses on the body parts.


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