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Chamonix Massage Fix – inter season special

Chamonix Massage Fix – inter season special

If you are a local in Chamonix Mont Blanc, then inter-season is your chance to RE-ENERGISE for the forthcoming winter 2009/10 season. Between the dates of 9th October and 12th November 2009, ChamoFix offers a Chamonix Massage Fix “three hours for the price of two hours”. ┬áSo whatever you pay for two hourly sessions of Holistic / Swedish Massage, Hot Stones Massage or Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, you’ll get a third hour thrown in. These need to be taken between 9th October and 12th November.. That’s good news for you, as three whole hours of a ChamoFix Massage Fix will have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and super motivated for your winter preparations.

Cattle battle it out in Argentiere Tennis Courts

Well Argentiere is mellow with the still Autumnal chill that makes the Chamonix Valley seem so peaceful during interseason, with the added benefit of reduced cars up and down Argentiere’s main street.

Still there’s always something happening in the mountains, or else plenty to do. Yesterday was spent watching big black (and brown) be-horned cattle battling in out in Argentiere’s tennis courts… using their heads and horns rather than rackets… in the Combat des Reines. It seemed like the whole of the Chamonix Valley had come to watch the lovely mooing ladies strut their stuff daintily around a specially constructed sandy arena, then paw the ground intensively, ┬áthen butt heads powerfully, until a judge called out the winners and the losers. The losing cows seemed quite happy with their lot, content with a tickle on the chin and a pat on the flank from the stewards. Later in the evening, many of the cattle had to march up through Argentiere village and several cow fights were reported outside the Office Bar, Argentiere!

Bravo to finishers of the Aiguilles Rouges – Epic Endurance Race

In between the heats and the finals we managed to drive down to Les Houches to watch our friends and family finish the Aiguille Rouges mountain race. They’d started in Vallorcine at 5am and covered 51km (3300m climb). Epic effort. ChamoFix’s Masseuse, Ruth, was pleased to have massaged one successful participant the night before the event, gently loosening up any tensions in the calf, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Next year’s Aiguilles Rouges endurance race, if I’m not racing it, then ChamoFix hopes to volunteer to massage at the finish line.


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