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Amazing New Massage Wax for Chamonix

Amazing New Massage Wax for Chamonix

Here at ChamoFix we are delighted to have sourced the wonderfully delectable Tui Balmes & Waxes from New Zealand to be used for therapeutic massage treatments in Chamonix, Argentiere, Vallorcine and across the Mont Blanc Massif! Tui Massage Waxes are brilliant, and everyone in the Chamonix Valley deserves to get a pure Tui Massage Fix!

Tui Balmes & Waxes offer a range of a natural health care that is gently effective, nourishing and healing. A superb alternative to traditional massage oils, Tui massage waxes leave the massage client feeling delightfully moisturized rather than “oily” after a massage treatment.

Argentiere based massage therapist, Ruth Martin, reckons she was a convert when a fellow masseuse gave her a massage treatment with the Tui Lavender Massage & Body Wax. She had to get some for herself and get some for Chamonix! While a little goes a long way, the texture of the wax under the warmth of a Swedish massage feels amazing. It’s as lovely and relaxing for the client as it is practical for the massage practitioner.

Made in a small New Zealand community, , Tui Balmes and Waxes are nourishing and non-allergenic and ethically produced from organic beeswax, Propolis, pure vegetable oils, essential oils and natural vitamin E anti oxidizing extracts. The ingredients used in Tui Balmes & Waxes are either whole substances occurring in nature or directly extracted from a whole, natural source. Tui Balmes and Waxes are guaranteed free from any artificial or chemical additives, animal testing or genetic engineering.

New Zealand’s Tui Bee Balme Co-operative in Wainui Bay have been promoting and providing natural therapies and natural alternatives to toxic modern lifestyles for over 17 years.

To add to the (hopefully good) karma of importing Tui Balmes & Waxes for the ultimate Chamonix massage fix, apparently the profits earned from Tui’s supreme massage medium are donated to charities, including the Tui Spiritual & Educational Trust, a registered charity dedicated to promoting and sustaining more healthy communities in New Zealand.


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