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Chamonix CORE Education @ Le Vert

Chamonix CORE Education @ Le Vert


Le Vert Bar and ChamoFix Massage are delighted to organise a series of Chamonix Sports lectures through the summer… but not simply showcases of all the amazing adventure sports and endurance feat that take place in the Chamonix Valley. In fact we’re inviting some of Europe’s best sports science practitioners to take us “back to basics” – focussing on the latest science of physiology that each of us can apply to ourselves.

The first lecture is from the world famous Mel Cash, author of Pocket Atlas of the Moving Body & Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy among others and co-founder of the London School of Sports Massage.

Here’s the details:


3 interactive lectures this summer
To set you up with the musculature & core stability
To get the best from your body & your sports

1st Lecture: Monday 3rd May 2010 – 7.30pm – 10pm

Mel Cash, world renowned Sports Massage Author & Practitioner, & Lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology, will discuss “Posture & Core Stability  – What is it & why is it important?


Ticket & a drink: 10e
Vert dinner deal: Two-course dinner & juice/demi/wine + ticket = 20e in advance*/ 25e on door

*Buy dinner tickets in advance at MoJo’s & Le Vert Bar or contact Ruth Martin on 0609.86.88.38 / revive@chamofix.com


A marathon runner and triathlete in the mid 1980s Mel found the use of regular self massage to hugely aid his training…. and became inspired to develop a true understanding of the use of massage to support sports performance. No courses or books existed about the role of massage in sports and “Sports Massage” was still an undeveloped concept.  Mel Cash qualified in Remedial Massage Therapy, through the Northern Institute of Massage, in 1985 and began his “learning adventure” which continues to this day. He studied and experienced a vast and continuous variety of sport, training and therapy situations and even gate-crashed lectures at University College Hospital.

Use your Core! Chamonix Extreme Sports image by Gus Hurst

Use your Core! Chamonix Extreme Sports image by Gus Hurst

In 1988 he met Finnish Dr Jari Ylinen and they co-wrote Sports Massage, the first ever book on the subject and one that remains a leading reference bible for sports massage therapists today. It’s sold worldwide, in several foreign languages.

Mel Cash and like minded massage therapists subsequently formed the London School of Sports Massage in 1989. As its principal tutor Mel has developed the sports massage BTEC course offerings to make LSSM the UK’s leading school in sports and remedial massage.

In 1996 Mel Cash produced his second book Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy and straight away it became the world’s leading textbook in sports massage. 1999 brought us Mel Cash’s Pocket Atlas of the Moving Body and it’s also possible to purchase his fantastic Anatomy Biocharts from the LSSM.

Mel Cash has vast clinical experience with an A-list client base that has included  heavy weight boxer Frank Bruno and  ballerina Sylvie Guillem. As well as running courses at the London School of Sports Massage, Mel Cash has a private practice in North West London where he treats all levels of athletes plus non athletes with physical disabilities and postural/occupational stress.

He writes articles and gives guest lectures and workshops on a wide variety of sport and massage related subjects and is a part-time lecturer in anatomy & physiology as well as Sports massage at the University of Westminster. Mel sees teaching as a “performance” and likes to make it as entertaining for the students as possible.

Mel’s outside interests include running (still) and adventure travel. His favourite place to visit is the Himalayas where he has trekked and climbed many times.


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