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Thai Massage Teacher Daniel Anner

Thai Massage Teacher Daniel Anner

The Chamonix Thai Massage course is led by Daniel Anner, who also teaches Yoga and Acro Yoga in Geneva, and studies these practices all over the world. Here’s Daniel Anner’s story of the Thai massage he teaches, straight from the horse’s mouth:

About Daniel Anner & his Thai Massage Teaching

“In 2002, I was initiated to yoga in San Francisco, California, while studying psychology and International Relations, and learned many different yoga approaches since. In 2005 I started to teach yoga in Geneva, at the United Nations, WTO and World Economic Forum, as well as private classes and other environments.

Thai massage came naturally into my life, as a yoga teacher exposed to different therapies I discovered this beautiful practice 3 years ago while training as a teacher in AcroYoga. As Thai massage is very diverse, and has stretches similar to yoga postures, it has become a perfect add on for my work and personal practice.
Since Thai massage has found me I have trained and studied intensively, and started to offer Thai massage weekend courses in Geneva in 2009.
I often use yoga and/or Thai massage for my students and clients, depending on the therapeutic need at that time.
Thai massage is one of the most ancient form of bodywork, around 2500 years old and created by Shivago Komarpaj, also influenced from Indian, Chinese, Southern Asian traditional medicine. Dr Shivago Komarpaj was the physician, doctor and personal friend of the Buddha; he is known as the father of Indian and Thai medicine.
Only 30 years ago and thousands of years before, Thai massage was only to be found in temples, as a Buddhist and meditative practice, a spiritual exchange to self heal and help others heal.
As we are in a strong time for change and transitions, this massage and many other ancient therapies have become more easily accessible. I personally believe this is no coincidence: now is a time to heal ourselves and become more conscious of our behaviors and ways of living.

Yoga, Thai massage and related therapies are the natural cure for modern day diseases: stress, tension, depression, migraine…
Yoga and Thai massage  are the easiest, most natural and accessible form of therapies and best prevention; once learned they can be used as a personal tool for survival of daily life.  The newer version of massage in the west are directly based from Thai and Ayurvedic massages, but often misses the energetic element of wise bodywork, focuses on muscles and the mechanical aspect of the body, omitting the mind and soul.

Many teachers inspire me: the present ones are part of the sunshine network created by Asokananda, who first translated the Thai massage knowledge into English language 20 years ago.  My main teachers are part of the Thai Massage Circus and Osteothai schools.

It is a privilege to offer this ancient massage and to teach this art to people.”

Dani’s yoga, acro yoga and Thai massage practice: www.yogagroove.ch
Dani trains and practises with www.thaimassagecircus.com and www.osteothai.com

Readings for Chamonix Thai Massage Course

Art of Traditional Thai Massage by Asokananda
Le massage Thaï by Arnaud L’Hermitte (Auteur), Stéphane Koniecpol
Light on Yoga by  BKS Iyengar
Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by BKS Iyengar

About the Thai Massage Course in Chamonix

Date and times: Friday 11th June: 1830 – 2200h; Saturday 12th June: 0900-1230h and 1400-1900h; Sunday 13th June: 1000-1600h

Venue: Insted Language School in Chamonix

Price: 220e

What to bring: yoga mat, blanket, cushion or pillow, packed lunch or a dish to share, an open mind

What to wear: loose clothing that you’d use for yoga

Look forward to seeing you at our first Thai Massage training in Chamonix Mont Blanc!


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