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Mont Blanc Maintenance Massage

Mont Blanc Maintenance Massage

Mountaineering up Chamonix’ most famous summit this summer?

If you are a climber or mountaineer, you’ll be spending long days moving in the high mountains with technical traverses, rope work and some hard slogs to reach the peaks.

This all is made easier if your muscles glide smoothly  and your body feels energetic, not exhausted. A couple of massages before, during or after can benefit your body (and mind) in so many ways. Massage for mountaineering:

  • increases micro-circulation so the blood flows to areas that need it for muscle repair
  • reduces adhesions – ie where trauma or overuse has left injury on any level, fascia and muscle ends up getting stuck together from the collagenous scar tissue. This reduces your range of movement. Massage helps break up adhesions in the fascia and muscles, and helps restore normal function in the muscles, joints and connective tissue.
  • helps lengthen shortened muscle fibres – if your hamstrings are tight or your calves are screaming, there are various gentle but effective techniques for bringing a better length back to over-contracted muscle fibres, including Post Isometric Relaxation, Reciprocal Inhibition, Soft Tissue Release.
  • relaxes the body & mind – so the appropriate rest and recovery benefits can take place!

ChamoFix offers massage tailored for each individual, combining deep tissue work, effective stretching, trigger point release and invigorating strokes that loosen and restore your body, ready for more mountaineering action.

To book a massage with ChamoFix Massage, please call Ruth on +33.609.86.88.38


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