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2013 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – Chamonix Massage

2013 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – Chamonix Massage

10e discount on massage for competitors in TDS, CCC and UTMB

For those who trained hard enough to be racing the TDS, the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) or the CCC (Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix) you deserve a reward! ChamoFix offers all competitors 10e off the standard price of a ChamoFix Sports Massage in your own chalet or residence for 25-30th August (pre-race massage), Sunday 1st September, Monday 2nd September and Tuesday 3rd September, 2013 (post race recovery massage).

Pre-race massage helps stimulate the micro-circulation, loosen up any adhesions or fascial blockage, helps muscles glide during movement and helps the runner relax any tension (mental or physical) from the natural stress before the event.

Post-race massage will massively aid recovery from the endurance race, helping to reduce tissue adhesion from micro-inflammation, stretch out any over-contracted, over-worked muscle tissues, flush out waste products from muscle exertion and generally loosen up tired limbs.

If you haven’t heard of the Ultra Trail, which starts in Chamonix Mont Blanc… it’s an insanely tough ultramarathon held annually in the French Alps, where racers run the mountains surrounding the entire circumference of Mont Blanc, covering 166km and 9400m elevation across France, Italy and Switzerland. You can walk the Tour du Mont Blanc comfortable over 8 – 10 days. The fastest of the UTMB runners do it over 1 night and 1 day, without stopping.

To book a massage with ChamoFix email ChamoFix Massage or call Ruth Martin on +33.609.86.88.38

If you are on holiday in Chamonix (and not even running) here’s this year’s program for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. It’s well worth going along to Chamonix town centre and watching the start or cheering on the finishers, not to mention all the inspiring sporty stands and craft fair.


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