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ChamoFix Massage – New Beginnings 2016

ChamoFix Massage – New Beginnings 2016

A quick and long overdue website update to say that Ruth Martin is back doing massage treatments in Chamonix Mont Blanc, Scotland and beyond!
Ruth Martin’s massages are available 1500-2000 in the afternoons/evenings and 0700-0830 in the mornings.
For bookings, please call Ruth on her new phone number 0033.783.72.63.76. Or email revive@chamofix.com.

Apologies for any absence in contact… Life events became someone tumultuous and challenging through the winter 2014/15 but happily Ruth Martin is now a mamma to one healthy gorgeous little girl.

Summer 2015 had me busy massaging various Ultra Trail Mont Blanc runners and long distance road cyclists, massaging at the Chamonix Running Camps brilliantly led by Julia Tregaski of Tracks and Trails. I’m delighted to have been invited to teach about “touch” and “fascia” at Mariza Smith’s yoga teacher training course. Mariza will be offering yoga teacher training next summer too. Even if you don’t want to become a teacher, the month long course is intensive, transformative and amazingly rewarding. I have often referred clients to Mariza Smith for yoga instruction as I love the way she works, combining her vast experience of yogic practice with her strong knowledge and comprehension of anatomical science. So it’s an honour to be asked to collaborate in some of her teaching, especially when it comes to sharing my passion for the new way of looking at anatomy and physiology, not least in helping others be aware of how fascia (connective tissue) is a key player, rather than a bystander, in the mammalian body.

In September 2015 I also gained my EquiTherapy UK Diploma in Equine Sports and Remedial Massage, after a couple of years of studying equine physiology and massaging horses, ponies and also dogs! My experience in treating horses helps my work with the human body and has helped refine my touch and awareness of tissue responses. I’m looking forward to helping more sports and working horses in 2016.

The Brazil Olympics 2016 are also calling… I’m looking forward to volunteering in Sports Massage. Final plans are forming.

I’m amazed at how the body can repair itself… having not been able to walk more than 30metres a couple of weeks after a difficult birth in February 2015, I’m now back massaging, hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding… albeit taking it a bit easier on the sports front, as you have to respect the healing process as well as allow energy for being a 24/7 mum, while keeping up with all my massage appointments! The body is AMAZING! It’s worth looking after.

Wishing all my clients and visitors a wonderful winter and a thriving 2016.


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